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Welcome to our web-site!

The goal of this website is for the purpose of bringing prayer request to the world so that people can pray for each other.

We are honored that you are visiting our web site. Being a religious organization, we are always striving to find new ways to help people. This web site allows us to reach people we may never have been able to contact before.

Please use this site to access the list of prayers posted and pray for the people listed. We will post first name only to keep the confidentiality of the individual.
Our Lord will know who you are praying for!
May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be glorified by the effort of his people.
Pastor Roscoe and Revita De Chalus

Remember to praise the Lord Jesus Christ

                                       Pray without ceasing...


Have you prayed for someone today?
Know that God hears the prayers of His people.


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To our Prayer Warriors:
You matter to us! Thanks for making Just Prayers a place to fired the winning shot. Prayer changes things...
Please spread the word regarding this site so others can participate in telling their prayer needs and also for more prayer warriors to join and participate. 
We know of situations where God healed and provided for the people that were prayed for. Please keep praying for one another!
You are all wonderful people! Have a blessed year!
Love Pastor Roscoe and Revita De Chalus